werrlein photo for UU worldDeb is a former adjunct English professor who works as a freelance writer/editor and volunteer literacy tutor. Her writing has appeared in various newspapers and magazines as well as in academic and literary journals. Her memoir, Professor Never, recounts the adventures in academic life that led to her decision to leave the academy behind. Since shelving her scholarship for professional and creative writing, Deb has never looked back. When not writing or tutoring, she gardens, cans vegetables, bakes bread, and juggles the lives of two busy teens.  Occasionally, she goes AWOL.  When she does, you can find her out on her bike chasing hopefully after the wind.

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  1. Nice article about “The Passion Track.” Check out Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing [http://zeteojournal.com/]. Send us something, or a query. Best, William Eaton, Executive Editor

  2. I just read your excerpt from professor never in creative nonfiction and I think it is absolutely adorable. It doesn’t matter to me if your narrator has learned anything yet. Your text is different from anything else I’ve read before. It has fresh and original ideas paired with compelling language. I’d love to read all of it! Keep going!

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