“Indispensable but Invisible”: a new study on contingent faculty at GMU

Check out this important new study on contingent faculty at George Mason University. I got my M.A. at GMU and worked there as an adjunct after getting my Ph.D. years ago, so for me, this reads like it came right out of my memoir: too many hours, too little pay, no opportunity for recognition or advancement etc. etc. etc. If you’ve ever been an adjunct, you know the routine, but we need more studies like this to move us past the anecdotal.

I was also pleased to see “Pay Equity between contingent and tenure track faculty of similar rank” as the first recommended action for GMU, among other important things related to benefits and job security.

I’m tempted to keep writing/summarizing but really, you should go to the horse’s mouth:

Indispensable but Invisible: A Report on the Working Climate of Non-Tenure Track Faculty at George Mason University

Thanks to the authors:
Marisa Allison
Randy Lynn
Victoria Hoverman
Doctoral Students
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
George Mason University

One thought on ““Indispensable but Invisible”: a new study on contingent faculty at GMU

  1. Ted

    I happened on your site by searching for this GMU article. I also have a PhD, considered being a professor, and realized the money didn’t add up. Now gainfully employed. Granted I’m a scientist so I have more options relative to some PhDs. I have a good friend who is an adjunct at GMU. Are you still in the DC area? Would be interesting to meet up if so… you can always email me if you are.

    Best of luck with your book.

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