Other Writing

Nursing Policy and Education – professional

Dental Education – professional


Creative Nonfiction – put under creative 

  • 42 Bridges, Adventure Cycling, Aug/Sept 2022 [Hailey – there are no links for this or the following Bikes essay]
  • Bikes, The Sun, July 2022
  • Tea, River Teeth’s Beautiful Things, April 2022
  • The Dresser, Brevity, January 2022
  • Monsters, Mount Hope, Fall 2021
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon, Furious Gravity, May 2020 (a publication of the D.C. women writers series Grace and Gravity)
  • Concatenate, Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2017 (Reprinted on Literary Hub under the title: Learning the ABCs of Grad School Jargon)
  • Happy to StarveLiterary Mama, November 2016
  • Fear CircuitryBlue Mesa Review, No. 33, Spring 2016

Higher Education – put under creative

Parenting – put under creative

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